About Us

G.D.MORGAN JEWELLERY COLLECTION is a small family run business, which is dedicated to bringing you high quality Sterling Silver jewellery whilst also providing exemplary customer service.

With over 10 years experience in sourcing the best possible jewellery worldwide, we have every confidence in the quality and manufacturing of our products. Over the years we have built strong relationships with wholesalers and still continue to liaise with these highly reputable sellers. We firmly believe that through our experience we have built a keen eye for popular jewellery designs, so we trust that you will be happy with what our store has to offer.

Above all, here at G.D.Morgan Jewellery Collection, our main priority is to ensure customer satisfaction, and we do this by providing exemplary customer service. This is a strong part of our philosophy. We set a high standard for ourselves which we continue to meet day in day out. We respond to all customer enquiries within 24 hours and dispatch all orders within one working day. 

Best wishes G.D.Morgan Team