Symbol Meanings

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The Tree of Wisdom, Hamsa Hand, Evil Eye and OM sign are all symbols that you are most likely to recognise if you came across them, but do you actual know their true meanings? Here is a break down of popular charm symbols that you are likely to see in jewellery, their history and what benefits they are said to bring to the wearer.
Tree Of Wisdom 
Tree of life jewellery pendant or necklace symbol
 As the Tree of Wisdom is a key Symbol for many religions, it therefore has a variety of meanings. Most notable meanings include knowledge and Love. The Tree of Wisdom is also a symbol of positive energy and good health. It is said to bring  fresh start in life with a positive future.  
Cross / Crucifix    
Cross crucifix jewellery pendant necklace symbol image
A powerful symbol which, for many Christians represents the focal point of their beliefs. The cross also symbolises Love, devotion and a new start.
Dream Catcher
Dream catcher jewellery pendant or necklace symbol image
Created by the native American Indians, the Dream Catcher consists of three components with three different roles. 
The Circle shape represents the circle of Life and how the Sun and the Moon travel each day across the sky. The webbing in the centre of the circle acts to 'catch' bad dreams at night and dispose of them in the day. The feathers meanwhile act as fluffy like ladders for the good dreams to climb and descend onto the sleeping person.
Hamsa Hand
Hamsa Hand jewellery pendant or necklace symbol image
An ancient middle eastern symbol for the hand of God. In all religions and faiths, it is a protective sign. It will bring its wearer good fortune, good luck, good health and happiness. Alternate names include, Hamesh, Hamsa, Chamsa and Khamsa.
Evil Eye
Evil Eye religious jewellery pendant or necklace symbol image
Dating back to almost 3000 years to Rome and ancient Greece, the Evil Eye is one of the strongest, most powerful and most recognisable symbols in the world. When worn, it is believed that it provides the wearer with protection against evil forces. The Evil Eye has a symbol in almost every country and religion including Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity.
Buddha Buddhism jewellery pendant or necklace symbol image. Buddhist caption
We are all familiar with the Buddha symbol. The symbol can have a variety of meanings due to its background and can also be determined by the wearers interpretation. According to Chinese folklore, if one rubs the laughing Buddhas belly it will bring forth wealth, good luck and prosperity. Buddhas can also remind the wearer to be more like a Buddha in their daily life for example encourage patience, a kind nature and cultivate thoughts of peace.
OM Sign
OM (AUM) peace jewellery pendant or necklace symbol image
Worn to bring the wearer peace the symbol OM (AUM) consists of three curves, one semi circle and a dot. The large bottom curve symbolises the waking state (A). The middle curve signifies the dream state (U). The upper curve demonstrates the state of deep sleep (M).
St Christopher
St Christopher Christianity jewellery pendant or necklace symbol image
Most commonly worn as a pendant, it is worn traditionally by travellers to show devotion and as a request for his blessing.
Infinity Symbol
Infinity jewellery pendant or necklace. Everlasting or eternal symbol image
Shaped like a sideways figure '8', the infinity  symbol has a beautiful meaning. Most commonly it is known to symbolise eternity, empowerment and ever lasting love. 
Circle of Life
Circle of Life jewellery pendant or necklace symbol image
A circle pendant symbolises eternal love. As there is no beginning or end to the pendant, similarly love has no beginning or end (eternal).
Angel Wings
angel wings jewellery pendant or necklace symbol image. spiritual charm for protection
Thought to be a symbol of spirituality and love. It is also said to bring protection to the wearer.
spiritual feather jewellery pendant or necklace symbol image
Known to be a spiritual symbol, the feather is a sign of freedom, courage and a new start in life.
Love heart devotion jewellery pendant or necklace symbol image
Simply a symbol of Love. X
Celtic Knot
The Celtic Star which is  generally referred to as the Celtic knot, symbolises the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. When  accompanied by a circle the Celtic Knot is a symbol of eternity, not only in Christianity but in several other beliefs also.