Rainbow Chakra point necklace 7 wheels of energy
Rainbow Chakra point necklace multi colour pendant
Rainbow Chakra point necklace multi colour pendant with sterling silver chain

Rainbow Chakra Point Pendant

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The seven chakras are invisible wheels of energy that run from the base of your spine to above the top of your head. The colours of the chakras are similar to the colours of a rainbow. 

  • Starting at your tailbone with your root chakra, see a wheel of RED connecting you to the foundation of the Earth.
  • Moving up to your sacral chakra, see an ORANGE wheel spinning with the energies of creativity and sexuality.
  • Next is your solar plexus, associated with the colour YELLOW and your will. See yourself having the willpower to accomplish your goals and dreams.
  • The heart chakra resides right over your heart, and is connected with the colours pink and GREEN. This wheel of pure green energy assists you in opening your heart up to love and allowing yourself to forgive both yourself and others.
  • The throat chakra is BLUE and assists in facilitating the truthful communication, from a place of grace. Visualise a turquoise, blue wheel spinning brightly over your throat. This will help you to think before you speak. 
  • Your third eye chakra connects you to your intuition and inner knowing; it is associated with the colour INDIGO.  Visualise a vibrant indigo wheel of energy spinning to trust yourself in knowing that you know yourself better than anyone. Trust your inner guidance.
  • The final wheel of energy is the crown chakra. It is associated with the colour is VIOLET, and it connects you to something bigger than yourself.
  • Comes with a 925 Sterling Silver Snake Chain (stamped 925)
  • Choice of 22'' or 30'' length 
  • Gift Boxed

Please be aware that natural gemstones come from mineral and will therefore naturally vary in size and shape. No two gemstones are exactly the same.